Our History

In 2003, Polarity Post Production opened its doors as former Annex Chief Technician, Roger Wiersema, and Senior Engineer, Patrick Fitzgerald, took over as owners and proprietors. The once 2-room facility had grown to a 5-studio, full service, audio post house providing an ideal space for the sound design and mixing. Three seasons of the Disney Channel’s Higgley Town Heroes, the ongoing ad campaign of Chevron’s Talking Cars, as well as original VO recording for EA's The Sims are just a few amongst a myriad of other projects that have met their completion here at Polarity.

Through the many projects and titles that have achieved completion at Polarity Post Production, our commitment to outstanding quality and fresh creativity stems from our tireless attention to detail and providing that personal touch that can take your project to the next level. Be sure to check out some examples of our Work by our award winning Staff.